Meeting Old New Year in Macedonia

New Year according to the old calendar, or the day of St. Basil's fun noted in the Macedonian village of Vevcani carnival mass.

Pagan rites - it's always something dark, mysterious and fascinating. (AFP)

Our ancestors knew a lot about the negotiations with the spirits, to intimidate the evil werewolves and other rituals. (AP)

Time of the Gentiles fell into oblivion, but remained a holiday on which to recreate the ancient atmosphere, and from generation to generation the traditions and skills. (AFP)

Amazing opportunity to see the carnival, which offers more than 14 centuries in Macedonia. (AP)

For 1,400 years, the inhabitants of the Macedonian village Vevkani annually wear masks and take to the streets to participate in the carnival, like their ancestors. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

This action takes place on 13 and 14 January (this is the day of St. Basil and the New Year according to the old calendar). (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

Every carnival has a new theme, and every time people are preparing new costumes and masks. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

Remains unchanged but the spirit of the holiday. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

Every house, every yard and street scenes are for the carnival, which are the mummers. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

All the villagers and guests become actors of their mini-performances. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

Carnival in Vevcani - is, in fact, a theater without walls. We have traditional carnival masks: the bride and groom, August fool musicians. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

The rest of the masks and costumes usually depict major and minor. Major and minor characters come together and move according to his character - slowly and sadly or fun and active. Fool important walks and talks with the audience through mime, gestures and shouts. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

According to ancient custom, women only create masks and costumes, but did not take part in the procession of mummers. (AP)

Now everything has changed, but still officially only men can walk around in masks. (AFP)

However, under the costumes and masks to guess the floor pretty hard. (AP)

Therefore, any woman can have fun in plenty along with men. (AP)

A colorful procession to the beat of drums, traditional music on folk instruments. (REUTERS / Ognen Teofilovski)

During the Carnival, drink a lot, sleep certainly no one goes all 2 or even 3 days. (AFP)

Carnival is on the list of European Federation of Carnival Cities (Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC)). This event annually attracts about 50,000 visitors from all over the world, because it is one of the most extravagant carnivals in the world. (AP)


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