Cleansing Fire - holiday Las Luminarias

In Spain, once again celebrated the day of St. Anthony the Abbot, who is considered the patron saint of animals. During this holy day, passing the days of Carnival Catholic priests bless animals and pets, which hosts lead the church.
At the same time in the Spanish village of San Bartolome de Pinares (San Bartolome de Pinares) there is a centuries-old tradition - the feast of Las Luminarias, which is traditionally held on the eve of Saint Anthony. During the feast the villagers hold a ceremony of "cleansing", passing on horseback through the burning fires.

St. Anthony, a hermit, was the fact that he was one of the first saints who tried ascetic life in the desert, completely cut off from civilization.

In the morning the town square, where the church sent picturesque procession of painted carts, behind which are horses, cows and donkeys in ribbons and garlands.

During the celebration of the day of St. Anthony the villagers of San Bartolome de Pinares, men and women riding horses through the blazing fire.


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