On Saturday he came with a fine of 3 years for a walk. With a bucket and got sovochkom small sandbox in a neighboring yard, where 30 years ago, I spent my childhood. I was standing in a corner, sipping beer from cans, and meditate. Houses, of course, around the same, Khrushchev-five-story building and the yard is not the same: on the site of our old hockey grounds have expanded the already narrow parking lot, but ponastavili new rocker-karuselkah ... Evening, the weather whispers rebyatni in the yard ... And People here seem to have lived for others, one of your friends do not find in the yard.

In short, distracted. Suddenly I see - in the sandbox romp and yelling. Girl little younger, maybe 2 years, 5 sypit sovochkom my head on the sand, he shrugs and poluplachem vizhzhit desperate "Dyuyak, dyuyak»!
Next mother of the girls, comes to my mind, says:

"Boy, you are wrong to say she's a girl, we should talk fool! You fool! I Remember Me? "


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