The story is told his wife. She is a teacher and she heard it from another teacher who works in the so-called correctional school.

The school is so called because it attended by children with mental retardation, there are all morons. So, on the eve of some elections in some deputies. Of course, the school polling station and near the entrance to the hall of Polls teacher hangs above placard with the list of candidates. The poster photo MPs, name and party affiliation. Just as the school is some verification of a large department or ministry. And one big checks decided to go and read what the teacher there hung on the wall. Please see the list of deputies, he asks the teacher a question:
 - And you in school at least someone is reading these posters and knows whose portraits?
What the teacher says: of course! And catch a passing student (probably not from a very stupid), asking:
 - Ivan, do you know who is depicted here? Trainee stride replies: Of course, I know, are graduates of our school !!!
Reviewer Head precipitated.


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