Hda. Really small children - small ppoblem. Growing children pastut PROBLEMS. If I ever ppibyut, it will make because of my children.
Today, my grandmother had to rush off somewhere, and my youngest ppiveli me for flawless functioning. Vechepom - returns a home together chepez papk. Anastasia is polupaskopyakoy - tpusy tangle, which was then she tries poppavit. And when she is finally able to, she begins passuzhdat that it is currently most concerned about. - And who ppidumal TP-pusy wear? - The daughter of, well, as without them, then? They are all so convenient. - All-everything? .. - All-everything. Both girls and boys, and uncles and aunts ... - And the aunt, too? - Making a nod out sideways standing near a mini-skirt. - Of course. Ppezhde than I have time to think about something, this five-year otopva flies to kupyaschey languid divas. Ppipodnimaet her skirt and looking at it, vostopzhenno kpichit. - And here nepp-Ravda! In this aunt TP-pusov not!


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