Telephone hooliganism

Starting 90th, a small company "relax" at the table in my kitchen. The era of mobile phones have not yet occurred, and also ...
AONov One of the ladies asked call mezhgorodu- "My sister and I talk to
Leningrad .. "" Yes, for God's sake! »..
Dials the number and slightly changes the voice:
 - Hello, this apartment "Imyarek? "
 - (Apparently, the answer is yes ..)
 - A Call please Alexander ..
 - (He's not home, already asleep ..)
 - Sorry, sorry, I'm just talking to someone? .... With his wife? ?! What my wife !!!
And he told me not married ...
He hangs up with a deep sense of satisfaction, as a man who made a fresh impetus to family life close relatives ..


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