It was summer. A small group of girls gathered on a bench in the park, not far from the institute. They chat, as usual, laughed and had a purpose - to wait for another of his girlfriend. On a nearby bench sat the proud sons of solar Caucasus. They also chatted, laughed, and as usual, was evaluated every passing by a skirt. All anything, but there was one inconvenience - flew around a lot of wasps (yellow striped flies). They are very annoyed by all, and this girl is very eager to make their girlfriend came quickly. After a while the girlfriend was on the way. Walking past a shop with a swarthy guests from the Caucasus, he listened to the stream of compliments and favorable offers and a bit discouraged by this, was reunited with her friends. Those desperate wasps, greeted her with a phrase like: "Come on out of here as soon as possible - here Wasp". Here and there was the most interesting. She rolled her eyes, filled them iem surprised and a little frightened, and asked - "Where" TUTOSY "?! "Nodded toward Caucasians and clarified -" they, perhaps, "TUTOSY & quot ;? & quot; ...


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