The accident at the speed limit

The most spectacular event of the race, "500 miles of Indianapolis" was an accident, which was the British driver Mike Conway from the team "Dreyer & Reinbold". The car 25-year-old British driver Mike Conway from the team «Dreyer & Reinbold Racing» touched the wheel of a car of Ryan Hunter-Ray from the team «Andretti Autosport» and flew into the air. The collision occurred on the last lap of the famous race in the third turn of the ring road. After Mike Conway's car hit a wheel of a car of Ryan Hunter-Ray, he literally soared into the air, then crashed into the net, enclosing the track. Blow car on barrier nets it was of such force that the car was torn to pieces ... But lucky Conway survived, finished after such a terrible accident broken leg, torn ligaments and a variety of minor injuries. Doctors say that the life of the rider is not in danger.


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