How to escape from the heat in Paris

People from the heat in large cities are saved in different ways. Parisians, for example, have established artificial beaches along the river Seine.

Temporary artificial beach is open along the river Seine in central Paris. For the first time these beaches appeared in 2002, when it was one of the beach. Now there are three. (AP)

Unlike many beaches in France, is not allowed to sunbathe topless and swim in the river. (REUTERS)

The beach will be open from July 20 to August 20, from 8 am to midnight. (EPA)

Apart from the beaches there are swimming pools, a stage for concerts, playgrounds, tennis courts and sun loungers. (EPA)

Children playing in a recreation area on the first day of the opening of artificial beaches. Nearby are set trainers and treadmills for adults. (AFP / GETTY)


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