Children deprived of their childhood (24 photos)

Avila Salah Osman roam the ruined Mogadishu. He looks like his twelve-year peers, dressed in rags, with thin arms and legs and eyes,
which reads craving attention and affection. However, Avila both different. Characterized by the fact that in his hands
loaded Kalashnikov rifle and he served in the armed unit, which is sponsored through the United States. A loud shout of Avila stops
a truck driver who was trying to pass through a checkpoint on which he serves. In Somalia, a human life is worth nothing,
so the driver not to tempt fate and stops at the request of a child with a gun. Radical Islamists use children
as fighters, but Avila escaped this fate and is in the squad, which is subject to the transitional Somali government.
According to reports by human rights organizations and the UN official data in the Somali army Kalashnikov rifle holding hundreds of children,
since the age of 9 years. In a world in many hotspots children are holding weapons, Somalia is a record for the number of them.
Photo: Mohamed Adan Ugas (12 years) and Ahmed Hassan (15 years).


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