An unusual experiment - in search of a wife!

The author writes:

This idea came to me a few weeks ago, but since she had the character of a certain publicity, it is not immediately found its realization. Today I decided to bring to life the real experiment.
First, I went into the first shop and bought a mobile phone brand new SIM card with the telephone number specifically for this experiment to avoid unnecessary calls.
I then printed on a few announcements:
on the rear window of his car - "I am the best wife" on two sheets of A4 on the side windows - just "looking for a wife" on a single sheet.
After have been made all the important work of the case, ads were pasted on the glass inside the car, and I drove through the city streets.

I should note that the first call to the phone went after about 5 minutes of my movements, but I missed it, because he was not ready so quickly to get it. The phone was in the bag, and while I get him, stopped calling. I immediately called back to the caller number, but the call was dropped. More calls I did not. Apparently the girl was shy or hesitant.
The next call was about 15 minutes, but only the female voice said, "Hello ..." and then disunite. Or did not like my voice, or say again tightness.

While driving around the city could be seen in the rearview mirror, the drivers behind vividly respond to the inscription, some immediately take up the phone and call probably familiar talk about what they saw some pictures of the phone at the traffic lights. As vividly reacted to the traffic lights people cross the road and public transport users.
Then I left the car near the hotel "Sevastopol" and decided to take a stroll along the promenade. While I was walking several calls in which women's voices expressed delight ads, with phrases - & quot; ... sorry that I have for her husband, and would definitely decided to meet ... & quot ;. So far there have been no specific call.
When I returned to the car, standing beside the car a little pribaldevshy taxi driver, who expressed to me their ads and Respect for as long as I put the backpack with a camera in the back seat, almost hand grabbed takes a woman, pointing at my car. Those naturally shied away from it.

Today we have been cold enough, so I left the car near the McDonald's, ordered tea with cheeseburgers, sat down on a summer area 10 meters from the car to watch the reaction of people.
Most of the passers-by were not paying any attention to the inscription. Most attentive were old grandmother - probably due to the slow walk, they have time to notice all. No wonder all the cops are looking for movies to question her grandmother. Middle-aged people have noticed the inscription, did not express any emotion, and walked past. Youth vividly reacted. Many pictures of the car on the phone.
And then one girl stopped, took out his phone and dialed


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