Peter wires (15 photos)

All've photographed. Well, almost all)))) Almost all photographed or photographed in our cities. Architectural and landscape beauty crushed billboards and banners, and the closer to the center, to the sights, the intrusive and intrusive advertising looks.

When you go to your favorite city just lift your head up. Not quite up to the drizzling sky flowing on your cheeks, and to see slightly above eye level. Climb over the sidewalk, look out of their cars! Our town is beautiful, gorgeous and prazdnichen always, always rings the music of architecture, singing tunes channels whispers parks and avenues noise. But damn it, why we were deprived of the sky ??? !!! No one can see the sky of the city without having to climb onto the roof. What we see on the gift cards is the result of the work predmozolnoy stamp in Photoshop, and not what it actually is. We covered a network of trams, trolley wire, lighting, suspension cables of road signs and traffic lights. The most rotten this frantic number of advertising banners and semi-legal vozdushek. The closer to the center, the more crossed our skies.

In theory it is necessary to offer something if something is denied. So, in Helsinki, too, there is a tram, and also have the old center. But there is no such advertising in the center, there is no vozdushek, wired lighting and road signs on the wires. For decision-making needs will and love for their city. I do not know what is missing, probably our authorities and that, and that ...


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