How to choose a scooter for a child

A scooter for a child is not only entertainment, but also a sports equipment for developing coordination and balance. They begin to ride on it earlier than on other types of “personal transport”: bicycles, hoverboards, etc.

Scooters are considered the safest mode of transport, so it is better for children to start with them. How to choose a scooter for a child - read our article.

Features of children's scooters
Compared to adult models, children's scooters are distinguished by small dimensions, lightweight construction, and cheerful colors. As a rule, in such models, all the elements are made in such a way as to ensure the safety of the baby. Also, models for children have a rather wide platform covered with anti-slip elements, on which it is easier to maintain balance.

Vehicles for the little ones are equipped with a parental control handle and a seat. There are samples with the ability to adjust the steering rack - this is very convenient, because the child will grow.

Children's models are not designed for fast driving, but many products are equipped with brakes and shock absorbers.

Child's age

When buying an "iron friend" you need to consider how old the baby is. Many manufacturers subdivide their products for certain age categories.

Which scooters are suitable for children of different ages:

  1. For kids from 1.5 to 3 years old, stable scooters with a wide deck and three or even four wheels are needed.
  2. For a child of 3–5 years old, three-wheeled models made of lightweight materials (plastic or aluminum) are chosen.
  3. At 5–7 years old, children can already ride two-wheeled structures.
  4. For school age, you can buy a scooter made of aluminum or steel. The size of the wheels is determined based on the type of surface on which the child will ride most often.

Criterias of choice

When buying, you need to pay attention to various performance characteristics.

  1. Wheel material. Wheels can be plastic, rubber, silicone. Rubber and silicone are better because they are more durable and make less noise while riding. Scooters with plastic wheels are cheaper than their counterparts.
  2. Wheel size. The larger the wheel diameter, the better the vehicle's cross-country ability. With large wheels, you can overcome curbs, ride on uneven tiles, and so on. Models with small wheels are suitable for driving along the alleys of parks, on the playground.
  3. Construction type. Scooters are solid and folding. The second type of products is easy to transport in public transport and car trunk, store in the house. However, such models have more weight due to the presence of additional nodes.

conventional or electric

Now it is increasingly possible to see children and adults riding electric scooters, which are driven by the operation of the engine. The rider does not need to push off with his foot to get from point A to point B.

Some parents are ready to buy such scooters for their children, although they are more expensive than usual ones. Please note that the electric scooter can be entrusted to children over 10-12 years old.

In addition, if your goal is the physical development of a child, then the rider practically does not strain on an electric scooter, so for physical fitness it is better to purchase the usual option. Of course, balance and coordination of movements will develop when riding an electric model.


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