Pollinators of our Earth

They pollinate plants of the planet Earth and more than 200 000 species.

Sunset on Kauai. The fragrance of a rare flower attracts a hungry bee. Apis mellifera Bee sits on a flower Capparis sandwichiana, Hawaii.

Arizona galliktida pollinates night flower belladonna. Vibration body bee pollen allows freely settle on a flower, contributing to pollination. Agapostemon sp. on a flower Solanium rostratum, Arizona.

Madagascar lemur gnaws cactus. He will carry the pollen on the legs and face. Lemur lemur catta eating cactus Cereus hildmannianus, Madagascar.

Day gecko drinking nectar from the flower tree. Insectivorous lizards rarely act as pollinators - only on the islands, where the limited number of predators. Day Gecko Phelsuma ornata on the tree Gastonia mauritiana, Mauritius.


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