Trees air-purifying Boston-CO2

Unusual conceptual design presented to the contest SHIFTboston French designers from the [IN] FLUX Studio.
These "trees" will clean the air of Boston by CO2.

Developers are encouraged to make the trunks of artificial trees made of recycled plastic bottles and decorate them with LEDs to the public in the evenings it was interesting to spend time in the park no less than day.

But Treepods can perform not only a decorative function, they can also clean the air of carbon dioxide from the metropolis (the creators mention a humidity swing process).

The energy of an artificial tree will supply solar panels located in the crowns Treepods, as well as the children who are swinging on a swing, embedded in the ground near the trunks and adults, swaying in hammocks.

An additional "supporting" the project designers believe provides a "tree" shadow. They also believe that birds first, of course, will not understand, but gradually mastered and will build nests in Treepods. Just not very clear whether they like night lights sveodiodami.


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