What is the total cash in the world?

Interesting question. To name the exact amount of money in the world I can not reverse. However, the most reliable data available on the monetary aggregate M1. This term refers to the amount of cash in circulation, demand deposits, bank reserves and some other highly liquid forms of money. At the end of 2008 the size of the money supply was assessed at 18, 5 trillion. Three quarters of these funds accounted for four world currencies: the euro, the US dollar, the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan. In principle, knowing the ratio between M1 and the volume is cash, it can be assumed that the "heap" will comprise 5-8 trillion. Why so few? You see, the blood of the global economy, have long been "fake" credit money, the form of cash derivatives. Crispy cash in this stream takes barely a tenth part.

On the bottle of wine, even quite expensive, it is worth the shelf life. What has changed?

If you're one of these bottles of wine, I can reassure you. Shelf life should write all manufacturers, as required by law. However, this does not mean that after the expiry of the wine will deteriorate. The fact is that putting on the bottle shelf life, the manufacturer gives you a guarantee, the provisions of the law, the fact that wine does not happen. And if no one spat in the bottle, before closing it out and send in the cellar, it can lie quietly under your bed. Of course, modern bottle of wine may lie decades in the cellar, if only to comply with all conditions of storage.

How to obtain the right to manage the icebreaker and if I can sail it to the Arctic?

For rights management icebreaker needed to complete the marine college, and then another additional training and training on the icebreaker. Only then will you be allowed to manage the huge ship. As a result, all in all will take about ten years. As for the Arctic, there are fewer problems: under current international law, it is divided between five states: the Arctic is divided into five sectors of responsibility between the United States, Russia, Norway, Canada and Denmark. Our country is entitled to a 320-mile economic zone, so if you go on a spree, do not forget to go to the "McDonald's" on American soil. By the way, even if you have unnecessary money to buy ice-breaker will not work: private possession is prohibited by law. So we'll have to build the ship.

Why people do not blush with fear?

Trying to conduct an experiment, intimidating familiar shower cap, they have to defend and some blushed with fear, and a minute later - paled. From fear people still blush, like many other feelings. It comes from the activation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. However, during a severe fright napochechniki pour adrenaline into the bloodstream, causing human skin is white. That's where these changes on the faces of my time experimental mice.

From jumping fans and resonance can collapse the stadium?


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