An efficient and easy-to-use epilator from a renowned manufacturer

Since ancient times, since ancient Greece and Rome, the absence of hair on the body meant that a woman belonged to the upper strata of society. And epilation was considered as a necessary procedure to ensure the status of a lady's appearance. Centuries passed, the methods of hair removal changed, which were corrected, including technical progress. Nowadays, the epilators offered by the world's leading brands are technologically advanced devices that allow women, and many men too, to look after their appearance on their own, without resorting to the help of specialized offices.

High efficiency
Even the first hair removal procedures using the PHILIPS BRE225 / 00 epilator, not to mention the long-term use of this perfect device, make it possible to evaluate its effectiveness, which guarantees quick and painless removal of such unwanted hairs for a long (2-3 weeks) period. ... This is done through:
  • the use of the patented PHILIPS epilation system, which lifts and guides the hairs, which allows them to be removed from the root up to 0.5 mm in length;
  • the presence of 2 speed modes, the more powerful of which is suitable for removing hair on the legs, and the more delicate one will be ideal for sensitive parts of the body.

Ergonomic and hypoallergenic
The PHILIPS BRE225 / 00 model is characterized by high ergonomics, which is ensured by:
  • the rounded shape of the device, more convenient for use when epilation on any part of the body, including hard-to-reach areas;
  • the presence of a non-slip coating;
  • small size and weight.

The most important advantage of the device is its hypoallergenicity, achieved by:
  • use in the manufacture of exclusively hygienically safe materials;
  • easy cleaning of the epilating head after the procedure by rinsing it with running water.

Other advantages of this epilator include: its durability, practically, quiet operation, ease of use and maintenance. Moreover, with regular epilation, after a while the hairs become thinner, lighter and become more rare. With each session, even the minimal discomfort that is possible during the first use of the device will decrease.

The epilator is inexpensive and will suit any woman, regardless of skin tone, hair color or tan. It is effective at any time of the year, keeping the skin smooth for a long time. The purchase of PHILIPS BRE225 / 00, among other things, due to the speed of epilation with it, will allow the lady to significantly save time and use it for other purposes.


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