How to tell an obsessive grandmother she is violating a child's personal boundaries

A person's personal space must always be respected, even if this person is 3 years old. Yes, it is from the age of three that the child should be given his own corner or room where he can be alone with his thoughts. Everyone has their own boundaries of personal space , but the main mistake of parents is their judgment about the child by themselves.

A person's personal space One person may be comfortable when you read his diary, while another may simply not want to tell how his day went. These are all variants of the norm. When a child turns three, you need to learn how to knock on his door, and not rush into the room without warning. This is how parents show that their child can hide in his room at any time and not be afraid that someone will break into it. In addition, the child himself will learn to knock on the parent's bedroom, and not go into it when he pleases.

The same goes for personal items. Everything that was given or bought to a child is his property. Ask permission to take his pencils or open a box of toys. It is important to remember that by your behavior you are teaching your child to respect the personal boundaries of strangers.

A harmless request like: "Kiss your grandmother" - can traumatize the baby's psyche. A child can grow up to be affectionate and attentive, but he does not have to want to kiss someone . And in no case should you force him to do this. Imagine if you were asked to kiss someone, it is inappropriate. The same goes for situations where children of different genders live in the same room. The time will come when children begin to understand the difference between a man and a woman. Shyness will appear, a desire to define personal boundaries.

The Role of Parents' Trust in the Child You need to be attentive to your children. The most important thing is the physical and psychological comfort of the child. Now it is very easy to follow in the literal sense of the word with the help of different applications and gadgets. But this is the same encroachment on personal space. The older the child, the more his personal boundaries are delineated. Even the innocent washing of a teenager's personal belongings can panic him.

Never look at sms or social networks of a child. Do it once - and you will lose trust forever. Instead of trying to control your child, from an early age show him that you are not against the child's personal space. And that it's okay to want to be alone sometimes. When the family has strong friendships, the child himself will share more information that is interesting to his parents. And you don't have to dig into his things for that.

So, if the child's behavior does not change in a strange way, he is feeling normal and in a good mood, there is no need to try to find out everything about the child's life. Yes. It's not easy, but a child is also a person, a person with their own desires and boundaries, respect that. Do you trust your child?


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