Museum of the tables – a unique collection of affordable dining tables

Twenty two million five hundred thirty five thousand four hundred eighty seven

In the home can not do without such furniture, like a dining table. Wooden or glass, plastic or metal, they are designed to give warmth and comfort. The table gathers the family for meals, and people to communicate. In the world produced a huge number of tables, the whole series and exclusive models that differ in functionality.
Museum exhibits: from ancient to modern
If you want to see unusual dining tables, then you should definitely visit the Museum of the Big table located in Brazil. Within its walls gathered the largest collection of models, impressive size, shapes and designs. This Museum has 20 exhibits, the smallest of them does not exceed 1 micron, and the largest attains a size of 382 meters. The most ancient tables made approximately 8000 years ago BC. Submitted for review models are manufactured from following materials:
  • glass;
  • tree;
  • gold;
  • mammoth bones;
  • stone.
If you follow the link then you can buy dining tables inexpensive, and if you visit the Museum of the Big table, the impression will remain for a long time, besides, you can take ideas for customized table for the home.
It is interesting to know that the Museum is both a unique institution, takes daily visitors for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and auction afternoon tea. The money goes to charity. In 2011, a festival "Dances on tables", where the number of participants exceeded 400 companies from different countries.
Modern tables for lunch
Fashion affects all areas of life, does not remain aloof and furniture. Even 20 years ago in apartments and houses met the usual one-model rectangular shape, and today the designer's imagination has no limits. The consumer can buy in the online store different shapes and sizes, not limiting themselves in the choice of material.
The main feature of modern interior of cozy minimalism. To create designer furniture craftsmen take materials such as MDF, natural wood, plastic, chipboard, glass, metal and more. The main thing to look for when shopping for a kitchen table – it's practicality and convenience. Often, such furniture buy complete with lockers, tables and the bar, picking up them chairs one style. Entrusting your interior design professional, dividing or creating a project with it, you can achieve the perfect design effect.


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