Selection of moonshine store "don Moonshine" in the mountains. Krasnodar - what to consider?

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The range of moonshine stills for home preparation of alcoholic drinks are now quite large. Consider the main points of the selection, which will allow to avoid mistakes and disappointments.

Where to order with benefits?
To buy we recommend you contact the store moonshine stills "don Moonshine". Despite the fact that trading point is located in the mountains. Krasnodar, its products are available to all residents of Russia. The company provides prompt shipping for the cities of our country. Due to the presence of devices on the private warehouses of the organization, delivery delays do not occur.

Another plus of buying the moonshine in "don Moonshine" — the ability to examine and compare the technical characteristics of the models as long as it is at all necessary.

The main parameters of choice
Buying a machine for brewing moonshine, you should pay attention to such parameters as:
  • The material of manufacture of products. The best solution to date are variants of stainless steel. If you order, for example, moonshine Wayne PRO (PRO Wein) 20L., available on the page you will receive the equipment, durability and ecological friendliness, which is no doubt. Another noteworthy material production – copper.
  • The volume of the distillation of the cube. If you want to drive alcohol only from time to time, choose a small and compact model is 12 litres. The optimal solution is the machine to 20 liters. In the sale of the "giants" of 80-100 liters. But the need in such quantities in the case of home use occurs not always. But to pay for a greater volume of a cube with the purchase of equipment certainly have.

Important! Don't forget that the allowed occupancy of stills from the claimed amount is 80%. In other words, if you buy 10 liter moonshine, the distill will be able to 8 liters of mash at a time Maxim. As the volume of output of finished liquid, they will directly determine the efficiency of equipment and initial alcohol content in raw materials.
  • The presence/absence of suchoparek. This structural element is responsible for the purity of the distiller. At the bottom of it accumulates the part of the raw material, which contains methanol, acetone and other harmful components.
  • The reputation of the manufacturer. Please familiarize yourself with the owner reviews of the model that you are interested in.

If you don't expect to drive grain, fruit distillate, and you need a clean and sturdy high-quality alcohol, order distillation column.


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