How to find your style?

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Each of us wants to look beautiful and fashionable, but not like the others. If everyone would unconditionally follow the fashion trends, it turns out that all look the same and individuality will be lost. That's why it's so important to find your own style, the one which is comfortable. It needs brings joy and pleasure.

In this article you will find 5 tips on finding your style.

To look inside yourself.
First you need to understand what kind of clothes you like. Dress or jeans, heels or sneakers. Things convenient and there is a part of your style.

To determine the type of shape.
If you want to accentuate your strengths and hide flaws, it is important to know their shapes and have him pick up clothes.

Generally there are 5 types of figures:
Hourglass. Girls with this shape will suit absolutely any outfit.

Pear. We pick things that visually make hips smaller, and the shoulders, on the contrary, wider. Dark jeans and a loose bright t-shirts and jackets for a good fit.

The inverted triangle. This type it is necessary to increase the size of the hips. Can handle skirts and "mom jeans"

Rectangle. Owners of such figures it is better to forget about baggy things and replace them with things that echo the silhouette.

Apple. In any case, you can't wear baggy clothes. The line should go vertically, making the girl look a mile long. Note: the dark color hides the volume, the light adds to it.

Find your distinctive thing.
Such a thing will highlight you. With it you can create yourself interesting and unique, and most importantly, memorable way. It can be any accessory: ring, cap, sunglasses, handbag, pendant, anything. Most importantly, this thing combined with the way.

Learn how to combine things.
This is the most important thing in creating your style. We should not just grab off the hanger've got to be able to wear clothes and match them. There are many courses, both paid and free, which are taught to combine things. Here are a couple tips from the pros:

  • The image should not be more than 3 colors.
  • You can't mix cold and warm things.
  • Tight clothing is better to wear over other things.
  • No need to buy "cute" things, if they don't fit with anything.

To experiment.

The best way to find your style experiments. Until you try on a style you never know it is you or not. So don't be shy and afraid. I want to change my hair style? Forward! Tired of casual makeup? Boldly experiment with bright colors! Even an unsuccessful attempt will bring an experience that will be a stepping stone to your own style.


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