How to choose a cuticle scissors?

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How to choose a cuticle scissors?

To perform the procedures for nail care requires a whole Arsenal of tools:
  • Cuticle scissors.
  • The nail clippers.
  • Manicure spatula.
  • Nail file.
In this article, we look at a tool like scissors "Staleks": what they need and what characteristics determine their quality.

Why do you need scissors for manicure?

There are two types of manicure:

  1. European (not edging). The cuticle in this case, softens the action of tools, and then extended to the base of the nail holes with a pusher.
  2. Classic (edging). Involves soften overgrown cuticles and its removal with the aid of professional scissors.

The accuracy of the trimming of the manicure depends on the quality of the selected tool. Scissors for manicure from the brand STALEKS developed according to modern technology and have the features to satisfy the most stringent customer requirements.

Which indicators determine the quality of the instrument?
Choosing a cuticle scissors is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:
  • The material of manufacture. Professional scissors should be made of medical steel, resistant to corrosion, because the tool needs to be regularly washed and disinfected.
  • The softness of the stroke. From this indicator depends on the degree of hand fatigue and the likelihood of injury. Handles easily and smoothly to close.
  • Ergonomics. The tool should have a good lie in the hand. Most often the ring finger have a standard size, but the length of the handles should be chosen taking into account personal habits and preferences.
  • Cutting edges. Shear blades should be smooth with a slight bend and a sharp tip. Unlike the cutters of the scissors, let's say a small gap between the blades – it helps to prevent friction of the edges against each other and to preserve the cutting properties of the tool. The rear part of the blade should be polished smooth to preclude damage to the nail plate.
  • The location of the working blades. Most of manicure scissors designed for right-handed. Company Scissors produces a wide range of Lefty scissors in which the blade is at the top, and the cut is from left to right.
  • Appearance. If the instrument has stains or scratches, there is a probability that these areas very soon will appear the first signs of corrosion or rust.

Professional cuticle scissors for lefties STALEKS EXPERT 11 23 mm
To buy nail clippers Scissors can be in specialized stores and shop-services in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the world.


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