Using the so-normal body lotion, once you decide to 7 annoying problems. Just right!

Grooming skin, women used to use a variety of means. In the house each of us is lying at least a few lotions and body creams that did not fit, but to throw a pity ...

Learning about these unusual ways of Use Body Cream , I was very happy. No jar of cream will no longer stand idly!

How to Use Body Cream
Anti-static electricity
One of the pressing problems of winter - static electricity. Slightly smazh hand body lotion , swipe the hair or clothes electrified. An unpleasant effect instantly disappear!

Deep moisturizing
High-quality body cream will provide an excellent Moisturizing Mask for the face. It is necessary to put a thick layer on the skin and leave for 10 minutes. For dry skin, it is a real salvation!

unruly hair
After shampooing apply a few drops of lotion or cream to damp hair, rub a means in which the entire length. Hair, prone to tangling, immediately become obedient! This trick works for dry hair sticking out in different directions: sodium cream hands and comb the hair with your fingers. Stack will be a thousand times easier!

Use cream as a base for cleansing scrub! As additional ingredients can serve coffee, sugar, salt, oatmeal and even ground nuts.

Removing cuticle
Before removing the cuticle to make a mask of lotion or cream. Now the skin is removed easily and without pain!

An unusual way to shave
If ended shaving cream, use the normal body cream or hand cream. Shave without water for thin and prone to irritation will pass easily and painlessly! This method of shaving can help out during the journey: comfortable shave in the tent.

too close to the ring
Remove tight ring can be seated without extra effort, if generously lubricated finger moisturizer.

For some it is obvious, and someone does not know how to use unnecessary cream. If you're handy, these little tricks, show them to your friends!


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