Modern HVAC equipment with a guarantee of quality from THEM "Heat Hut"

Ninety million two hundred forty eight thousand eight hundred two

HVAC equipment that can make cozy atmosphere in the apartment or home, offering THEM a "Heat Shed". Infrared heaters, solid fuel model boilers, air conditioners differ affordable cost and reliable operation. The product range includes branded products from less known manufacturers. All equipment has certificates of quality and guarantees for operation. With proper installation and careful usage will serve their owners for years.

Heaters with energy saving
Such devices can safely replace the old heating system in a cottage, country house or to use as additional heating for the apartments with Central teplopodachi. If earlier actively used fan heaters, oil radiators and devices UFO, now prefer modern and safe infrared heaters. What is the advantage of these units:
  • the device heats up quickly and actively gives up heat to the room;
  • rear panel and side walls protected with metal plates from moisture, dust, foreign objects;
  • the outer panel has a ceramic composition and, therefore, effectively accumulates heat; they can also be completely smooth or embossed, different in color.

Purchasing equipment such as this, clients are guaranteed to protect your home from dry air and burn oxygen. So, the atmosphere in the room will remain healthy and suitable for all family members.

How do the heaters with ceramic panels
The infrared rays that produce ceramic heaters, excellent penetrate walls, ceilings, floors. So the warming not only the air, but the whole apartment, including the furnishings. While the inhabitants of the apartment, and Pets of negative impacts is not provided.

Devices work:
  • in economy mode;
  • provide convection air;
  • secure Parking even wet areas.

Installation of the ceramic heater is performed in any convenient place. If secured to the wall do not want to, then you can choose the model on legs. Design is placed on the ground and protected from tipping over. If you need to heat the entire apartment, large gym or working space, you can use multiple devices connected on the network.


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