Fitness wristbands Xiaomi for active people: purchased wholesale

Twenty seven million three hundred thirty four thousand seventy five

Brand Xiaomi steadily entrenched in the market, giving its customers the opportunity to purchase truly high-quality and functional devices. Every person seeking to take care of your health, the company is ready to offer a new fitness bracelet, which will help him to monitor activity and to maintain an optimal level of physical training without the use of additional gadgets in addition to smartphone. Synchronization is carried out via a wireless Bluetooth interface.

Technical features ustroystvami bracelet is capable of calculating cardiac activity during sports, to count steps, calories burned, and send that data to device with Android OS (older than 4.4). Due to such characteristics, use it is even easier.

Special clasp silicone-based regulated by the diameter of the hand that gives the possibility for comfortable wear bracelet. In addition, the main block has now been securely placed in the strap, which guarantees the safety of the device from moisture and other external damage.

The advantages of using special fitness bracelet:
  • easy device management;
  • stylish appearance and easy clasp that will not bring significant discomfort during exercise, walking or resting;
  • wide functionality;
  • affordable cost fitness bracelet;
  • long-term warranty service from the manufacturer.

Features wholesale order
For wholesale supplies, you can significantly reduce the possible costs for transportation of each individual model, in addition to this, the provider offers these customers the most reasonable terms, by which the price of a fitness bracelet is almost not increased due to the additional charge.

Where to purchase on beneficial terms?Specialized remote directory implements a at affordable cost without a variety of third-party markups. The buyer has the option to order in the most flexible manner with delivery to any region. If you have any questions are free consultation.



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