The company has sold 6 million Xiaomi fitness bracelets Mi Band

As you know, bracelet Mi Band is one of the most affordable fitness solutions on the market. So, its initial price of the sale in China is about $ 15, Europe and the United States - $ 19.99 (plus $ 7 - delivery). Naturally, this bracelet is sold in other countries, almost immediately hitting the various markets due to such diminutive price tag.

Now the company Xiaomi has sold more than 6 million of these devices, and sales will only grow as the US and Europe recently opened online shopping company .

Despite the low price, fitness bracelet looks good and works fine . Among its other functions - fixing traveled per day steps, distance, calories burned. At the same time Xiaomi Mi Band there is also a function of monitoring the quality of sleep + smart alarm clock (which really works, checked personally) .

Now the developers have added the company and compatibility with Google Fit (works only when the original Appa from Xiaomi, no custom applications), which caused a storm of delight on the official forum, a branch devoted bracelet. All of this contributes to the fact that the bracelet is sold very well - now, perhaps, it is the most sold fitness equipment in the world. Whether you are a fitness bracelets or smart watch (from any manufacturer) every day?
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