Race beds in Knaresborough

In North Yorkshire charity race. Participants had to run 2.4 miles through the medieval cobbled streets of Knaresborough and overcome cool waters of the river NIDD. In total, the race was attended by 90 teams, each consisted of six runners and a passenger.

The first charity event was held in 1966, the race for beds was inspired to hold similar events worldwide.

Fifty nine million nine hundred nineteen thousand two hundred ninety nine

Thirty eight million eight hundred nineteen thousand one hundred ninety eight

Forty three million nine hundred ninety five thousand seventy two

Fifteen million eight hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred ninety three

Forty three million eight hundred twenty nine thousand seven hundred twenty three

Seventy four million five hundred twenty one thousand eight hundred sixty nine

Ninety one million nine hundred fourteen thousand five hundred seventy six

Ninety four million five hundred seventy one thousand six hundred fourteen

Twenty two million six hundred nine thousand nine hundred thirty one

Twenty million one hundred eighty four thousand seven hundred sixty seven

Eighty four million nine hundred fifty eight thousand thirty three

Seventy seven million one hundred forty one thousand two hundred ninety nine

Sixty eight million thirty eight thousand nine hundred


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