Spartan Race (11 photos)

None of the participants did not know in advance exactly what they are waiting for the test during the race, because the organizers are keeping it a closely guarded secret. Organizers of the "Spartan Race" promise 100,000 dollars to anyone who would be able to win fourteen of the sixteen rounds of the race, to be held this year. Participants have prepared a variety of tests, and not only physical - they have to collect puzzles, carry water, to teach Greek ...

Hobie Call won six rounds "Spartan Race." Organizers promise to pay 20,000 dollars to anyone who would be able to defeat him. Hobie Call, center, at the beginning of the so-called "Spartan Race." He won six rounds of racing, and now will participate in "Death Race", which will start on Saturday in Vermont.

Mr. Coll of thirty jumps over the flame.

Mr. Coll on the rocks.

Mr. Coll crawls under barbed wire during the race. If he wins the so-called "race to the death", the organizers promise to pay a reward of twenty thousand dollars to anyone who will win it in the next round.


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