Economical skills: how to make and design coat rack for pennies. 3 times cheaper than in the store!

In the interior the copper looks great, so it is widely used for decoration, as well as details of furniture and accessories. Outdoor clothes rack from copper pipes is simple to implement, well furnished and very practical.

The wording "So Simple" tells how to make a hanger for 15 minutes. Follow this instruction and your house will appear very useful and stylish piece.

Clothes hanger your rockumentaries
  • 2 copper pipe of length 150 cm
  • 4 copper tube with a length of 60 cm
  • 1 copper pipe with a length of 90 cm
  • 2 copper tee
  • 2 of copper area
  • epoxy adhesive

  1. Provide a basis for our hanger. Take two 60-centimeter copper pipes and connect them together using the tee. Repeat this action with two other pipes.

  2. Wait until the epoxy glue dries.

  3. Next, take two area and attach them to the 90-inch pipe.

  4. Put two 150-inch pipe to the tees, and the upper part of the pipe connected to the corners.

  5. Leave to dry.

  6. After some time the hanger is ready!

  7. Use it to store outerwear in the hallway or as a mini-closet in the room.

  8. This piece of furniture is very functional, it can be easily moved from place to place.

Now you don't have to hang the clothes on the backs of chairs! Home-made furniture will not only make your apartment more comfortable, but will in spite of them.

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