18 photos of the how life was would the Disney characters in the modern world

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We watch cartoons, to plunge into the magic atmosphere, believe in miracles and magic. Once a wanted to be in the universe of your favorite cartoon, to escape from reality. What if to imagine the reality with your favorite characters?

We Site fantasize and put your favorite characters into the modern world.

They would have loved to do a selfie

And villains and good characters would hang out in social networks and messengers

They have worked in offices of type open space

Someone even made myself a career there

Would spend time in coffee shops and fast food restaurants

Had fun in entertainment applications

Definitely would sport

Perhaps even extreme

Some might be vegans or raw foodists

To watch her figure

They would lead an active lifestyle

And some would go on about fashion

But you'd still be as cocky

Bad and good guys would decorate a tattoo

In our world, they met not at the ball

And the struggle of positive and negative characters would move in the world of video games

Just like us, they like to travel

And spending time with his friends

Photo on preview Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Productions

via Walt Disney Productions


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