6 incredible technologies of the past, the secret of which is lost

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In ancient times a knowledge and discoveries were passed down from teacher to student. And if this chain were broken, the principle of the invention could be lost forever.

Digging in the history, the Website has gathered for you the 6 technology from the past, a secret which has not survived.

The Lycurgus Cup

This ancient Roman Cup depicting the death of king Lycurgus, has an interesting feature. It changes its color depending on lighting and liquid, which he poured. For example, in the shade it's green, to light red. If it to pour the water, it glows blue. If the oil color changes to yellow-red.

Scientists believe that the Cup was used for the determination of impurities in beverages. The bowl is made of tiny nanoparticles of gold and silver. This means that the ancient masters were familiar with what today we call nanotechnology. However, to repeat such to the present time and no one else could.

Free energy

Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor and had designed many fantastic things. In 1901 he built the Wardenclyffe tower, which was able to transmit electricity to anywhere in the earth and provide people with a free (free) energy.

Unfortunately, Tesla's laboratory ceased to Finance, and the tower was soon destroyed. After his death some of the drawings of inventions were captured, and the other part disappeared mysteriously.

The sound of the spirit

The Hypogeum of Hal-a holiday home — an ancient underground sanctuary. The most interesting part is "the room of the Oracle." Sounds spoken in this room has a low male voice, multiplied and spread throughout the structure, but all other sounds cannot be heard.

Scientists are still trying to figure out how to work the ancient amplifier. It is known that the sounds resonate with such frequency that people feel the vibration of the whole body. This effect causes a change in consciousness and the emergence of hallucinations.

Flexible glass

In the period between the 14th and 37th years BC lived a glass blower, who discovered the substance, called flexible glass. The master made to the Emperor Tiberius a glass of such material. When Tiberius drank from the Cup and threw it on the floor, it shattered.

The Emperor decided that awesome stuff could devalue silver and gold. He ordered the execution of glassblower to have the secret of flexible glass died with him.

Greek fire

Greek fire was called some sort of combustible compound, which was used by Byzantines in naval battles. It was a copper pipe, of which 25-30 meters escaped the fiery stream. Greek fire was impossible to extinguish, he burned even on water. Over time, weapons have replaced gunpowder, and recipe inventions were lost.

Universal antidote

Mithridates VI was the king in Pontus 120-63 BC He so feared being poisoned that for 7 years has taught your body to various poisons. He mixed the 54 ingredient and got a universal antidote.

After his death the doctors discovered that the antidote was helping from any poisoning or poison. They called the medicine mithridatium, or theriac. However, the recipe and ingredients remained unknown.

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