Developed an effective method of reclaiming carbon

Before reusing carbon fiber and its utilization was possible only when using high temperatures and harsh chemicals, which greatly complicates the process. In addition, the carbon filament in the course of such treatment can be damaged plus destroyed the polymer resin used for lamination of threads. Now scientists from the University of Washington have developed a technology for the processing of carbon, which does not have these drawbacks.

Created under the guidance of Professor Invento Zhang's technique involves immersing carbon fibers in a solution prepared from a "weak acid" and liquid ethanol. When heated to relatively low temperature of 200 degrees Celsius resin under the action of ethanol expands. This allows the acid to break perognathinae the Association of the resin, turning it into a liquid and releasing the filament of carbon for reclamation and subsequent reuse. Resin can also be recycled and reused.

Scientists have applied for a patent and started the commercialization of technology. A similar process is currently being developed at the Georgia Institute of technology. published


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Source: //ecotechnology


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