What should a woman

If you don't — everything pales

Woman, if you want to be happy in her female body, in your life, in your self-realisation, first of all, let go of the idea what you must be a woman.

All you need, you must first yourself, because you're the fire on the hearth, you hearth, conduit of creative energy, and your main task is to keep the hearth burning to your light, purified you, and then all around.

If you don't burn everything around it pales.

Second, your happiness is not dependent on men. Only if you are able to fill herself, to take care of myself, give all myself and feel good (and not "I'm a woman and a man"), you're filled enough to to choose who to say Yes and who say no, who are you ready to go, and for whom — no.
If you go for the man on the ground is not a humiliation, and the opportunity to be in the rear and raise your light. But only in the rear of the man you will be able to raise him, who knows where he was going, and who matches your direction.

Perhaps you will not find it and it doesn't mean you're not going to be implemented. There are many cases on earth where you need your light.

But if your destiny is to understand a steam room practice, get yourself, cleansing yourself from all the superficial, alien, no matter how correct it may seem. Because only the real you can meet him real, but otherwise it just won't recognize you behind your screens.

Shine does not mean to always be kind. Light can be both soft and sharp, and caressing and piercing, overwhelming, and unyielding, it is important for you to know what you're doing.
Give up the idea to control people, to influence them, manage yourself — this is your feminine power. Feminine energy is in the hands of the seamstress works wonders. published


Author: Nina Rubstein

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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