Carnation and silver will improve biodegradable plastic wrap

Food packaging commonly used plastic film, which is difficult to recycle, and it remains in landfills for many years after the burial, causing serious harm to the environment. Scientists from Kaunas technological University tried to solve this serious environmental problem and has developed a new plastic wrap that is not only biodegradable, but also keeps the food fresh.

Film made mostly from plant cellulose, but also contains clove essential oil and nanoparticles of silver ions. Oil of cloves gives the film an anti-oxidizing properties, binding free radicals and silver ions are responsible for antimicrobial properties, killing microbes. The addition of silver also makes the plastic more flexible and durable.

According to the researchers, the material is completely destroyed within two years after the disposal. Now scientists are working on technology commercialization. Prior to this, other researchers have developed a biodegradable plastic wrap, using the grapefruit seed extract, oregano essential oil and milk protein. published


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Source: ecotechnology


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