Study: shift to clean energy economically

Researchers from the Finnish University of Technology Lappeenranta with the help of computer simulation tried to prove that the transition to a fully renewable energy will be economically beneficial for Iran and most other oil-producing countries of the Middle East and North Africa

The study was conducted in Iran, but the results are quite applicable to most oil-producing countries of the Middle East and North Africa. According to calculations of the Finnish specialists, these States have technical and economic potential in order to completely switch to renewable energy by 2030.

Scientists have calculated that the price of electricity in the region with a fully renewable energy system by 2030 will amount to approximately €40-60 per megawatt-hour, while, for example, nuclear energy is now worth about €110 per megawatt-hour. In particular, the price of solar and wind energy will be in 2030 about €37-55 per megawatt-hour on average for the region and about €40-45 for Iran. However did not compare the price of "clean" electricity with those provided by the burning of oil and gas, and they are in Iran about half of Finnish scientists calculated the cost of clean energy. What leads to greenhouse gas emissions, according to European researchers, you just have to give up, regardless of economic feasibility.

Scientists estimate that to fully switch to renewable energy, Iran will need about 49 GW of solar energy, 77 GW of wind power and 21 GW of energy water. If the necessary capacity in hydropower has largely created, the achievement of the stated goals for solar and wind energy will require very significant investment. The answer to the question of why rich oil and gas countries to invest billions in renewable energy, a study by Finnish scientists contains.

At the same time, plans same Iran to increase production of electricity from renewable sources is much more modest calculations of the Europeans. The main goal of Iran in the field of clean energy by 2030 to produce only about 7.5 GW of energy from renewable sources. In early February, the Ministry of Finance of Iran has approved foreign investment in renewable energy in the country in the amount of $3 billion, which will additionally bring up to 5 GW of clean energy. published


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