As in Sweden rescued kitten

In Sweden, we conducted a 2-day operation to rescue the black kitten caught in the branch sewer pipe under the ground.
Meowing kitten heard supermarket staff, located not far from the scene.
Kitten curiosity came close to a sewer manhole - and fell back. After the fall, he climbed into the pipe with a diameter of 15 centimeters.
Plumbers climbed into the sewer, and lowered to the video equipment allows you to monitor the kitten in the pipe.

The event was attended by the kitten to find five plumbers and technical support specialists.

Despite the best efforts of the rescue team could not get a kitten for a long time, but in the end the operation was successful!

The work of the experts observed Swedish journalists and lovers of animals and the story was immediately covered by the local press.

After rescuing the cat was transferred to a veterinarian who examined him. In the near future podyschut animal host. Here it is - a handsome man!

The Swedish plumbing - the mega-rock!


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