Manicure with wire! A new trend in 2017 from South Korean artists.

On the eve of spring many ladies are thinking about how to update your wardrobe. Light coats and capes, stylish handbags and clutch bags, colorful dresses and costumes — all of these things will create a very special spring look. Don't forget to finish his stunning manicure! Here are a few options that can safely show his master.

Spring manicure 2017
  1. The South Korean masters never cease to amaze us with the design of nails: "broken glass", metallic finish and fur inserts. It would seem, has not come up with anything extraordinary... But the imagination of people has no limits, meet the new trend manicure with wire!

  2. Delicate floral motifs have captivated many girls with their elegance and brevity.

  3. The nails seem to glow from within! The design of the manicure will not leave you unnoticed...

  4. Sophisticated geometry never goes out of fashion for several seasons! Also very popular animal motifs.

  5. Velvet sand on the nails... What could be better than sugar manicure?

Our editorial staff is delighted with all the options spring manicure! And which design did you like? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments.

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