Lynch the parked cars on the tramways

In Kiev, on the street Elenovskoy owners iron horses went to a nearby shop equipment. Without thinking at the same time that the tram line here is not just. Soviet old trams would not really suffer if potrut side of the cars. But the latter will have to seriously peened. In this jam due 2 the driver to stop the movement for 40 minutes ...
Angry passengers 5 trams decided to take by storm the cars. Rocked them, trying to tear rooms, beaten on wheels clattered on the hood, and nearly tore the handles on the doors.

The result - a flat tire. The owner of this Skoda did not have time just for 2 minutes.

And when he ran, the wheel has been lowered. People were rushed to beat his face, but the guy in the car immediately closed. And left on the flat tire:

And at this time ... 5 trams blocked the streets around the transport ...


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