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In 1987 in Spain, in the town of Alkora, was a historic event in the world of ceramic production – the opening of the factory Fanal. For 20 years the production was increased several tens of times, which allowed the factory to enter the top leaders of the most famous ceramics manufacturer in the world. Over time, the company slightly changed the angle of its activities, focusing its attention on the production of porcelain. This products are popular with buyers all over the world.
Fanal tile is a product of rich experience in the field of ceramic art, combined with innovative technologies and unusual design solutions. Ceramic tile Fanal has a light simple design that will create an atmosphere of comfort and ease in any home. There is a huge variety of colors, with bright original décor.
Not one global manufacturer of ceramic products can not be compared with so many well-deserved certificates of environmental protection and product quality. The company Fanal, read more, characterized by the use in the manufacture of innovative technologies and production of quality ceramic products that can not be confused with any other due to its unique style with custom framing.
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Ceramic mosaic tile can transform and beautify any room. Limit the use of this decorative element on the basis of location is almost impossible. But still the most popular place for laying mosaic was the kitchen. Bright, small details can have fun to make an apron in the working zone of kitchen, wall, countertop and even the floor. The advantage of such a coating is the strength of the surface, resistance to temperature changes and scratches.
Mosaic also perfectly tolerate high humidity, that makes it easy to use this material in the decoration of bathrooms and swimming pools. An important advantage of mosaic is the ability to upload it to the surface with considerable roughness. This is possible due to the small size of mosaic elements.
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