The Russian scientists propose to begin production of "space electricity"

This is stated in the report of the representatives of the brain research Institute of Roscosmos TsNIIMash, Moscow aviation Institute and NPO Lavochkin, which will be presented at the Academic readings on cosmonautics.

"Space technology is capable of solving the problems of energy supply earthlings electricity and stabilize the weather by creating a space solar power (kses). The state program of creation of kses in Russia, as in Japan, and the first stage of this programme should be the establishment of experimental small-scale (10 kW) centrifugal laser prototype kses on the cargo ship "Progress" or a specialized platform," quotes from the document TASS.

Experts point out that in Japan the program is the creation of kses was adopted after the accidents at three nuclear reactors. The timing of its implementation is scheduled for 2025.

"As the price of "cosmic electricity" is expected in six times cheaper than earth, then perhaps the rapid conquest of Japan in the global energy market. While organizations such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Rosatom, with large human resources and plans will be very popular and will be the end of the era of hydrocarbons", – the report says. published




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