Senior vs Junior: the secret super powers

The youngest child in the family naturally adore older. For a child older brother or sister is absolutely amazing superhuman that knows a lot of things that the child does not know how and who wants to learn.

And in the eyes of the younger the older child is able to do some things that parents never do. For example, parents don't usually jump on one leg. I don't know even know what they are or not.That is, any youngest child to the eldest, by definition, in advance, for nothing, is a huge credit admiration. He is a being of the highest order.

This can be used in order to improve relations. Once just to emphasize the dignity of the elder, create a cult of personality senior — how skillful, strong, knowledgeable, intelligent. A little to raise him on a pedestal.

And the oldest is talking about how Junior looks at him, admires him as a Junior, as the younger loves him as he is waiting for him from school. Because the eldest child is a child who also has a need to be recognized, to have their place in the family, to be important to the family.

If you want to improve the relationship (assuming you already realize that all is not well), it is necessary for a few children to each other, cynically speaking, to sell. Maybe a little wishful thinking.

To tell the elder about how Junior loves him, he respects him, how he trusts him. Be sure to Express appreciation for all those occasions when a senior is helping you with it. Be sure to talk about how well senior to cope with it. Must be not about what so-so did not finish, it got dirty, and about how you're doing well. "Look, I could not(La) the crying baby to comfort, and you came and he immediately smiled". To celebrate such moments. To show that the older well.

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And younger to sell older, like a little Superman. Conventionally, if need to do something in the phone: "Go to your brother or sister, he or she probably knows". That is, it is a competent, interesting people who know a lot, and "you when I grow up, will be the same." That is, it is important to emphasize the strong, a resource part, and not Vice versa. Because parents often cyclade on the lack of responsibility of the senior or insufficient obedience, Jr. published


Author: Lyudmila Petranovskaya




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