Which I'll NEVER do the different signs of the Zodiac?

Each of us ever in your life encountered a situation when you need to compromise. But there are things that we are not willing to do never, never and under any circumstances.

This horoscope will help you know what will never go different signs of the Zodiac.



Representatives of this fire sign are born leaders. They do what they want and are in control of the situation. Aries will never ask you for your permission to do something.



Principled and responsible Taurus, in turn, will not tolerate those who first make and then asks permission. In addition, they will never do anything to the detriment of their interests, even if it affects the comfort of others.



The twins are sure that the work they are surrounded by "some idiots" that they impose unrealistic and impossible demands. Therefore, representatives of this sign will never work, if it can be avoided.




Cancerians are very loyal to their family and friends. So the last thing you can expect from these people, is a knife in the back.



Despite the fact that the Lions are very violent and can make a scene for any reason, they quickly calm down and will never hold a grudge against you secretly.



Virgin is so confident in their rightness and infallibilitythat they never admit their mistake, even if it is obvious. In addition, representatives of this sign love when they are surrounded by attention and care, but they are very rarely able to reciprocate.



Representatives of this sign will never stand next to toxic people. They don't like scandals and outright conflict, but it is good manage to avoid unpleasant companies.




Scorpios do not know how to forgive. They are very vindictive and sarcastic, and if you are "lucky" to become the enemy of the Scorpion – you should really be afraid of his revenge.




Impulsive Sagittarians often make something and then think about the consequences. Very often they are not able to keep my mouth shut, and their "jokes" surrounding often cry.



Conservative Capricorn will never agree to the innovation or innovation until it is mandated. After all, if we are talking about work – Capricorn is the most responsible and hard-working sign.



Maximalists Aquarians are sometimes so categorical that even not give the chance to justify to the one who fell in their eyes. In addition, representatives of this sign will never let someone into the depths of his soul and will not open all secrets.



Fish don't like to swim against the current. Their negative feature is conformism, so they prefer to leave it as is and will not try to establish or improve your life until, until it becomes completely obvious that keep just can't.


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Of course, we're all different, and no two people with identical character, but still the stars do not lie, and some regularities in the behavior of the signs of the Zodiac is obvious.published


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