15 photography tricks that will turn ordinary photographs into a real adventure!

We are lucky to live in times, where without any effort you can immortalize the most precious moments of life through photography. Because we all want that our pictures were flawless and original.

However, not all of us are professional photographers, and certainly not everyone can boast of having expensive equipment. Today the editors of "Website" has produced 15 unusual but simple tricks that will totally change your previous attitude to photography.

How to photograph beautiful
  1. Stylize your photos antique, with ordinary vaseline

  2. Bright trim lens for the original Boke, made by hand

  3. Lens hood for the lens from a paper Cup. Such a thing will help to fight parasitic glare or flare.

  4. Studio lighting at home

  5. Can be a bit load camera to prevent shaking while shooting

  6. Ring flash with their hands

  7. Do source shadowless lighting with a window and a piece of paper

  8. The creation of "misty pictures" with an ordinary plastic bag

  9. Make your original background

  10. You can use your smartphone as a remote to control the shutter of your camera

  11. Make your own collapsible bag for the camera to "faithful friend" was always in one piece

  12. This waterproof case is not difficult to do! And suddenly come in handy?

  13. Change the direction of the flash using cards or business cards

  14. The light from the flash can dissipate with a bottle of milk or a piece of opaque plastic

  15. Using a conventional roll of toilet paper, you can easily make a macro lens

Keep these entertaining stunts on your wall and share with friends, so for them an ordinary photo shoot turned into a real adventure!

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