The meaning and meaninglessness of life

The meaning is. It makes no sense. The meaning is. It makes no sense.

The meaning of life is simple. In the East, namely Zen Buddhist tradition, there is such a great tool for squeezing the shit out too clever monastic heads, called a koan. Now tell you what it is, and then once it becomes clear what's the meaning of life. The story is humorous — exhale before you read.

East — the land of introverts. Unlike the West, there prevails a type of contemplative, always immersed in introspection, and not the type of leader, preferring the temptations and joys of the outside world. And because of the psychological problems they have in the East, too introverts.

If the West is practical is not always enough understanding of his soul, the East is easily lost in its wilds, and loses touch with objective reality. For this reason, Western and Eastern psycho so different. In the West learn to open your inner world, and to the East to discover the world of the surrounding reality.

For this reason, the fashion for Eastern spiritual traditions to the West meaningless and sometimes dangerous. Western extrovert won't experience any great truths, from the fact that tight feel on his back the weight of the prior's staves, he knows that the world is solid and tangible. But the Eastern monk a lesson with a stick is extremely important — it is the most direct way, with real bruises and abrasions, reminds him of jasnosti this world.

Eastern psycho-techniques designed to reposition the brains of the monks, tend to sink in a world of his eternal intellectual speculation. And koan is one such tool.

Essentially, a koan is a question with a cunning trick. For example, one of the most famous koans is "what is the cotton with one hand?" The master asks this question to the student and waits for him some reaction and if the reaction was not happy, hits student with stick and sends another think — longer.

And here the monk is somewhere in quiet place, sits down against the wall in the Lotus position and thinking what the heck is that cotton one hand. For greater effect, these reflections call meditation, but in reality he just sits and thinks about the white monkey. But the catch lies in the fact that while the student thinks the answer is to find he can't and will receive loving teachers only the new bruises on his back.

A koan is an intellectual paradox. It acts like a stone thrown inside a complex clockwork of thousands of gears. As soon as the mind tries to chew, so just spilling teeth and sparks — a thinking machine begins to crackle and fall apart. A student and continue to regale manami as long as the mind surrenders completely.

When this happens, the new koan is no longer introduces the student to a screeching halt. Instead, he throws some response focus — the same paradoxical as the question itself. For example, he has a stick on the back of his favorite teacher. And then together they celebrate and rejoice, because the main obstacle which separated the pupil from the beauty and harmony of the surrounding world, is now broken.

Of course, not everything is so simple, but that's not important now.

The first reaction of a student on a koan shows where his center of mass. If the student continues to live wisely, the paradox is taken seriously and immediately trying to solve it and if the mind he's already a little survived, then the paradox does not touch and touches — and that's a good sign.

So, back to the title. The question about the meaning of life is also a kind of koan. And most fall for it visionaries-introverts who like to speculate about the fate of the entire world, sitting in his kitchen. Extroverts on this question, usually respond simply — "fuck Off, I have better things to do!"

Man can build many beautiful and poetic theories about what the meaning of life, but for each of them in the East he would have received a blow to the back. Real life is always the other extreme. Wherever have got a mind in their thinking, life is no longer there — only a ghostly reflection. Like the horizon, which is removed with the same speed trying to catch up.

Any intelligent response to the question about the meaning of life is nothing. The more theories built on the purpose of life and how to live, the harder you chase meaning, the more it seems empty and boring life.

Life never submits to the expectations on her are trying to impose. She is the best teacher who is always there and always ready to give a good kick.

The pursuit of meaning needs to stop — that's when you can reconnect with life and experience the meaningfulness of every moment. The mind is the obstacle, not the subject of the search.


The law of Attraction in the world of thought: As the call, so the echo" — Yes, and from all sides!People, why are you lying all the time

And the question about the meaning of life has meaning only as an indicator — if a person is worried about this issue, so he wandered off into the jungle and somehow conned yourself. Need to hit him with a stick or cook him a Cup of coffee — your choice...

So what is your meaning of life?published


Author: Oleg Satov




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