How to change the life of Russians in 2017 briefly about the laws coming into force

New year, new laws! The website talks about what we can expect from the state in the coming 2017 year.

Delinquent property taxes will be punished by a fine From the first of January 2017, comes into force a law that introduces liability for non-notification of physical person about the objects of taxation. That is, if you are not reported to the tax authority that you have a property, land or transport, will have to pay a fine.

It is worth noting that to disclose the existence of unrecorded ownership to those who have not received the notification for payment of tax. The message should be sent before 31 December of the year following the expired tax period. Otherwise prepare to pay a penalty of 20 percent from not paid sums of taxes.

To register your property can be in any office receiving the documents in Accordance with the law, with effect from 1 January, you can take the documents for registration of rights and cadastral registration of real estate in any office document, no matter where the object is located. That is, if Khabarovsk bought the place, we prove, in Krasnodar, it is not necessary to go to distant lands to issue the property right — it can be done in any MFC.

In addition, in January introduced a service for the delivery of documents after the registration of the rights to any convenient place and time. "Courier" paid option. Moreover, the statement about the property can now be accessed in three days instead of five. And, by the way, the certificate will not be issued, instead, it will be a special registration inscription on the document from the transaction.

Collectors will be punished for "bad behavior" From 2017 organizations that will be able to collect debts from citizens who will be less: in Russia will create the registry, which will not all collection agencies. Also not everyone can become a "vybivanii" debt. Individuals who have a criminal record (an unexpunged or outstanding) may not participate in dealing with the debtor. Also, do not have the right to participate in the interaction of persons who are outside the Russian territory.

Violation of the law will turn to collectors imposing a fine. If the company is not included in the register of debt collection agencies, then it will have to pay 0.2 million — 2 million rubles. Fines for the violations for legal entities, which have been registered: 50 thousand — 500 thousand. in addition, the authorities 90 days to suspend the activities of the company-the infringer.

With the new year, the collector may contact the debtor by mail, through phone calls and SMS, and also to meet him personally, but contact with relatives, neighbors and colleagues of the debtor is strictly prohibited.

The time of day when the claimant has the right to contact a borrower is also subject to the new law. In everyday life communication is permitted from 8:00 to 22:00, weekend 9:00 to 20:00. The number of personal meetings may not exceed one contact per week. In addition, this period cannot be more than two calls.

Internet users will pay a "tax on Google" the Law on "tax on Google" obliges foreign companies from 2017 to pay VAT from the sales of multimedia content: ebooks, images, music, audio recordings, games and computer software. In this regard, Google increases the value of their service "Google Drive" and Google Play 18 percent.

Parking space can be bought in a mortgage the state Duma adopted a law under which the Parking places in Parking lots will be considered real estate. Arrange them in a property will be the first of January 2017. Moreover, a Parking space can be purchased in the mortgage and labeling paint, stickers or other ways.

So now, if someone refuses to vacate your Parking space, asking the question: "You bought what?" boldly show ownership.

By the way, if the owner wants to sell space to an unauthorized person, he shall in writing notify the other parties share ownership with indication of price and terms and conditions of the transaction.

Sue will be online From January 1, anyone can submit an application to the court, the complaint, representation and other documents in electronic form. All that is required of a citizen to fill the form which is on the official website of the court, and to consolidate a document with an electronic signature. In addition, judges will appear a duty to perform a judicial act in electronic form. The judge must sign it reinforced qualified electronic signature. In the collegial consideration of a case, the act is signed by all judges using the above-mentioned signatures.

Sick leave will be electronic the Introduction of electronic "hospital" will not only reduce the amount of paper documents and the cost of production of forms, but will also completely excluded from the circulation of counterfeit sick-lists. It is assumed that the electronic certificate of incapacity will be completed in a medical facility, further information will be stored in a single database FSS, which will benefit both workers and employers. And patients themselves will be able to avoid endless trips to the hospital and standing in queues.

Retirement age for municipal and state employees will increase From 1 January 2017 retirement age for civil servants, employees of municipal organizations will gradually increase. Raising it will stop in 2026 and 2032, that is, when women would retire at 63 and men at 65.

The changes will also affect the length of service needed for a pension for years of service. Under the new rules — experience of at least 20 years. Now this period of five years less. That is, the citizen of Russia has to constantly work out this time to the government positions to claim the pension of the civil servant.

Cash goes to online industry trade and services on the threshold of radical change. From 1 February 2017 of a traditional cashier's check officially transformed into a form of mandatory electronic data. They will be kept at the operator's fiscal data and tax services.

The buyer will be able to verify the check on the legality.

The system "ERA-GLONASS" All new cars in Russia from January 1, 2017 will be equipped with satellite system "ERA-GLONASS" for automatic alerts about accidents.

Electronic insurance policy in the Summer, the state Duma adopted amendments to the law on CTP, according to which from 1 January 2017 all insurance companies will be required to issue electronic insurance policies. In that case, if the company does not provide the ability to issue the insurance policy online, it will be fined 300 thousand rubles. In this case, along with new features motorists have a new responsibility. If for some reason, the car owner pointed out when making e-CTP incorrect data, which reduced the amount of insurance, then the company may charge the customer the full amount paid to the victim.

New laws for migrants in 2017 From 1 January introduced a state duty for receipt of the document with the assessment of knowledge of Russian language and Russian history. This rule will apply to foreigners who arrived in Russia in search of work.

The reasons for the introduction of state duty:

1. A large flow of migrants from Neighboring countries, which must be strictly controlled;

2. The search for additional sources of funds.

The fee is set in the range of 1000 rubles, while 80% of the funds will go to the budget of the region and 20% in the state budget.

The law on privatization of 2017 In the final reading the state Duma adopted a bill abolishing the free privatization of housing after March 1, 2017. It will affect those who got a flat in 2016, but did not manage to privatize (in particular, residents of the Crimean Peninsula).

After the specified date to privatize the apartment for free can orphans, Crimeans and those who had applied before 2005.

The trade act of 2017, the changes will affect the provision of retail chains: reduced the size of bonuses payable by suppliers:

1. now for the sales promotion, grocery stores will receive only 5% of its value (instead of the previously stipulated 10%);

2. changed the settlement terms for the supply of goods (up to 40 calendar days, considering the shelf life of the product).

Changes in tax legislation in 2017 From 1 January premiums are transferred to FTS, now it will be a single social insurance fee — yeah chance to buy back. That is, the tax Inspectorate will be engaged in the audits of insurers and allocation of funds received. Such reform, according to experts, should improve collection of taxes and to simplify the procedure for taxpayers. By the end of 2016 service FNS have to complete the verification of lists of all insurers and pass them to the local tax authorities. It will be easy to compare the data on insurance deductions with receipts from personal income tax. In the case of nonpayment of premiums by the state Duma of criminal liability.

Accountants should carefully consider all of the changes, and they affect as many as 50 laws and regulations. The President personally approved the upcoming changes and promised to control the process.



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