Solar panels on the roofs will provide US 25% of the required electricity

Every day the sun sends to Earth 10 times more energy than is used on the planet right now. But we have not yet learned to handle it — humanity is still in the beginning of the way for the development of solar energy.

According to the research Institute National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), about 25% of the electricity needs of the United States may be provided by solar panels on the roofs of houses.

Indeed, solar panels on the roofs remains the most attractive option for those who have decided to switch to using solar energy. But the question arises in the scaling of this technology: how many houses will actually be able to get energy in this way?

The ability to install rooftop solar panels depends on many factors, including the length of daylight in the region and the amount of sunlight that can freely access the roof. In NREL analyzed what percentage of homes might be suitable for such purposes. They concluded that collectively, these roofs will be able to produce up to 1118 GW. In 2008, these figures were equal to 664 GWh 800 kWh.

However, problems with the introduction of solar panels into reality remain. The reason is economic, and technological factors. The price of solar panels continues to decline, which, according to analysts, will lead to withdrawal of some players from the market. To allow companies to gain a positive economic effect, scientists continue to think about the cheaper technology to create bars. And the topic of solar energy, in spite of everything, remains popular — Elon Musk and SolarCity have continued success online, and in October of this year, the company introduced solar panels, which are made in the form of tiles. published




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