12 warm comics that make you want to fall in love again

Ninety eight million seven hundred eighty five thousand nine hundred sixty five

Pratchaya Mapaura (Pratchaya Mahapauraya) draws incredibly sincere, bright and heartwarming comics about relationships. Her with surprising accuracy manages to convey the feelings and emotions that we all feel when in love with lucky.

Site made a selection of the most adorable illustrations of the artist, after which just want to be near you and hug your mate.

Forty two million one hundred fourteen thousand three hundred sixty nine

Twenty one million forty eight thousand fifty

Thirty nine million four hundred ninety four thousand seven hundred eight

Twenty three million three hundred forty three thousand seven hundred sixty eight

Six million eight hundred thirteen thousand one hundred seventy seven

Fifty one million eighty three thousand six hundred sixty eight

Seventy six million two hundred forty nine thousand three hundred forty eight

Ninety seven million six hundred twenty two thousand six hundred seventy

Thirty one million one hundred forty nine thousand twenty five

Eighty four million eight hundred seventy four thousand two hundred forty eight

Forty three million eight hundred thirty three thousand nine hundred eight

Eight million twenty eight thousand eight hundred fifty seven

Source Pratchaya Mahapauraya,
Sundae Kids
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