Can you one picture to solve a detective riddle?

Forty two million three hundred twenty thousand eight hundred forty two

To properly stretch your brain, do not have to put a ten-digit number in mind. Sometimes only one image, which already contained the answer.

Site offers to try to solve this little puzzle right now.

On a hot summer day the inspector varnika decided to sunbathe on the riverbank. Suddenly he heard a woman crying:

— What's the matter? What's the matter? he asked the weeping girl. — Please calm down and tell us all about it.

— You have a good talk through her sobs spoke the woman. You even can't imagine how much I love this bracelet. I come here every day. Today I removed the bracelet to a tan arm, put it on a book and accidentally fell asleep. Woke up and no bracelet.

Inspector varnika fell into a profound meditation: the sand around the rug is not visible to other traces, except traces of the victim. Strangers here as if it were not. Therefore, to steal the bracelet could only be someone from the regular visitors of the beach that surrounded the inspector a thick wall. The inspector looked around and after a moment realized who could do it.

Sixty million five hundred seventy three thousand one hundred twenty six

And you already guessed who stole the bracelet? To reach the bracelet, leaving a trace in the sand, could only person with a fishing rod. On him in the first place and came under suspicion.

Illustrator Astkhik Rakimova specifically for Site

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