Now not too tight and does not slip! 3 simple trick that will always help.

From a variety of existing models bras dizzy. The lingerie manufacturers recognize that every second woman in the world picks up this important part of the wardrobe wrong!

Most women when buying a bra are guided by the underbust girth and the Cup size. It turns out that these basic numbers aren't enough! Forever slipping straps, falling out of the cups a breast and pinched the thorax is only a small part of the possible consequences of such a choice.

Here are 3 of the trick from "a Website"that will help you choose the perfect bra.

How to choose bushgalleries chosen bra should be comfortable to wear to support the breast without pinching, to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

  1. Belt bra provides 80% support the breast, it not only needs to withstand the weight of the mammary glands, and to guide them. Belt size determines how a bra will be comfortable to sit on. To determine the best fit, buckle belt at the extreme range of hooks (to keep the thing from premature stretching). The elastic band must pass exactly on a horizontal line. Make sure that it freely fits the index finger.

    The owners of big busts better stay on the models with a wide waistband with vertical side seams. Also the belt which goes around the entire circumference of the chest, and not attached only to the cups ensure a better fit.

    With age, the skin on the back becomes less elastic, and literally any pressure leads to the appearance of unaesthetic folds. Strapless bodice with wide and smooth lines of the belt without problems solve the problem. While bras with a narrow belt and straps only make it worse.

  2. Usually on bra straps have 10-20 % of the weight of the breast. They should not subside. If you all the time have correct straps regardless of whether tightened or not, you need to choose a different model, where the back straps are sewn closer to the center. Most likely, you didn't pay attention to this detail. Bras with thin straps look sophisticated and beautiful, but, unfortunately, not suitable for everyday wear. For everyday use choose models with a fairly wide and soft straps.

  3. The bra Cup determine breast shape and silhouette in General. The importance and the seams are horizontal give a conical shape and lift, enhancing support vertical, lateral curved (reminiscent of the arch) give a rounded shape, and the diagonal chest gets closer to the center and lifted.

    Bust with good support of the breast is easily recognizable on the bridge between the cups, it should be just above or at the level of the nipples. No jumper allows you to wear clothes with deeper necklines, but these bras are not particularly functional: women with a big bust, leaning forward may feel that the Breasts just fall out of the cups.

And finally, a simple test of correctness of landing a bra. Measure the distance from the top of the shoulder to the elbow, determine the middle of this length. If your nipples are located at the level of this mark — then the breast is raised to the desired height.

With these tips you will become a true professional in the choice of bra,>

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