Anesthetic discomfort

Before we can understand what you want and what the world wants from you (though not the fact, can it to want something), sometimes disgusted at some of the features of living of their days, and they were provided. Creating us, he – because of their care and love – do not bother to report why he did it. Instead, it presented an opportunity to deal with all the "why".

Sometimes, what we do meticulous work, I live with a stranger or eating junk food. Then something happens with the contours of the body, nerves, ability to be empathetic and be happy. Psyche-the soul shrivels into a ball, experiencing aching in discomfort for any reason.

Just can't get used to that state, otherwise it'll be all right. More precisely, muffled by habit to live with him. When the neck becomes numb from sitting too long in one place and deficit "razmytost", the blood starts to do worse in the head, muscles and blood vessels become clogged. The head starts to hurt and if we sit for a long time (usually years), used to pain and almost do not feel it.

The habit of constant pain, oddly enough, similar to the existing permanent anesthesia, medicine General purpose. It is made to maintain the scenario of the existence of obedient cells, lose yourself in a society such as eaters of pills.

The habit of things, poison the life, lessen another, fake the pain – the scary itching that occurs at the time when you hung the issue of the blackout – partial in most cases from the famous corny.

Partial, but still giving the opportunity to walk with their feet on their team, and not by the commandments of leadership. Habit to fulfill them allows you to get the funds to purchase other pill, which convince us of their manufacturers.

There is such a thing – freedom from not necessary, that is, from the things without which you can live well. When not necessary things you have to pay life – years of time spent on unloved work is a tragedy. The tragedy, in which sumptuous facade absolutely live mediocre lives spent on making this same facade, hiding unclaimed swept seekers of a better life, meaning.

Habits make us so predictable that it becomes interesting. The average cell companies almost devastated their way of life. They are shameless to imagine, given the right to dispose of his time for someone. Pulling out the large pieces, they fill their emptiness with the implementation of other plans.

There is a time to earn and time to spend. Everything in this process, intervals – at least. Half an hour alone with him under pressure and seem empty. And already have something to include, somewhere to go. Just not to sink to the bottom – self. Because you might find that it is not. Do not rely on that – everywhere emptiness so loudly proclaims himself in this fair solitude...

Drift for drift, the loss of memory about where I wanted to swim – the main signs of prolonged discomfort, which became habitual. He muted energy and inspiration, drawn from brief periods of "empty" alone. But it had often been made to open and have its ideas (for example, opening of own production the pill in their recipes).

On the other hand, on the path to happiness is short, the growing discomfort with a sharp thrust to its peak even comes in handy. Sometimes it is a stimulant for a new round. To the top of the torment we would go quickly and happily, would know that there is, in fact, a new, strengthening our core opening. But keep on lifting them the usual necessary and imposed values.

It is also fully manifest discomfort, forcing us to be disappointed, to lose hope, will see the illusion of that which you believed, as soon as we decide on impulse. Even in a brief flash of despair or understanding that has nothing to lose, we are simply unbeatable and surprisingly effective in its promotion. Despair God sends us not to kill us, he sends us his to arouse in us a new life, said Hermann Hesse.

Do we realized where we are now – for example, in This position, with This person, with such thoughts and attitude to...? If realisation was measured in centimeters, how many meters we have it mastered in a year? Who and why given time? In a tragic regret or satisfaction and peace we will complete your stages?

Time to realize – apparently, this is one of the reasons why we're here. We have time only to do its own production. And the list of its equipment is first necessary to build the filter from falling environmental debris that have been neglected – because it is experimentally confirmed life experiences and opinions. Their authenticity does not doubt, but the main drawback of experimental oblivion that life is new in its every point. Happiness to you, your!..

Enthusiastic people

Enthusiastic people. They are attractive. The force of his passions, and the actions within it. Their condition reproduces the resonance propagating at different radii is dependent on the availability of perception of it to those to whom it has resonance effects.

The power of thought closes undefined branch of the circumstances in which you can get lost or held up indefinitely in a room with a sign "How to deal with it". But circumstances float and dissolve into the action through physical energy. It's like give and take. Ultraviolet light does not ask the skin, to nourish her or not. He does what he does on purpose. Being here, you have to live here. Naitives flowers. Colors, not gray.


Intuition is always the FIRST THOUGHT!

Turns out to be a LIE kills


Everything evolves, changes and fades. Could it be otherwise, but apparently not with us. Born, you are for something and you, at the same time, not for something else. You can hear without requiring the hearing aid to the echoes of his life. And this is a little bit different, relatively alien, mysterious, knowable only to the touch without the touch. Any beginning must be a good sign.published


Author: Valentina Boudevska




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